What is the Future of Communication Technology? Headset Buddy Trawls the Headlines

Future of Communication Technology Headset BuddyWe don’t know how the readers may feel about this, but to Headset Buddy this past year went by lightning quick. 2013 was a big year for us – we revamped our web presence and introduced several new items to the Headset Buddy product line. But there’s a whole world of communication technology out there, and we’re butting right up against the end of the year with new developments and news. Headset Buddy, of course, needs to stay on top of these stories as they hit. We never know when a new opportunity for our customized headset adapters (and more) will reveal itself.

How much do you think your smartphone knows about you? Well, there are people doing quantifiable studies about such topics. And information and communication technology firms are on it like white on rice. It’s now known that all four major mobile carriers sell the smartphone data of their customers. Verizon’s is the most powerful and well-entrenched. The combination of the customer’s demographic categorization and their phone activity makes for a very strong marketing profile for major companies. So when you’re using something like Headset Buddy’s MoovMic Detachable Boom Microphone (for instance), be aware that your conversations are leading to product pitches in the future.

The possible conflict this practice brings into everyday life is broached in this good article from CNN:

“The fact that the carriers’ programs are based on the sharing of deeply personal details can be unsettling to customers. Lewis, the Verizon spokeswoman, stressed that the data can’t be traced back to an individual, and that subscribers have the ability to opt out of sharing their data.”

Later, author Julianne Pepitone adds, “Now, technology is changing the business of big data — and Verizon and others are harnessing tech to make customers’ information even more valuable.”

There’s also constant innovation to keep our Headset Buddy eyes on. According to a NEW REPORT in Science Daily, new groupings of nanometer-scale machines may someday allow for super-powered networks that can be utilized by the entire industrialized world. This stuff might be a bit technical, but stick with it. This is a possible glimpse of the future here:

“With antennas made from conventional materials like copper, communication between low-power nanomachines would be virtually impossible. But by taking advantage of the unique electronic properties of the material known as graphene, researchers now believe they’re on track to connect devices powered by small amounts of scavenged energy.”

This groundbreaking research is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation and will be officially reported to the world in the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication (also known as the IEEE JSAC). The researchers are simultaneously working on nanoscale transceivers and the accompanying “transmission protocols” that will allow communication from one nanomachine to the next.

Headset Buddy recognizes that we are in uncharted waters with both of these recent stories. What will the future hold? How will products like Headset Buddy’s Binaural Noise Canceling Call Center Headset with Quick Disconnect Cables, or the Phone Headset to RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 Headset Plug Adapter fit into a world with mobile carriers sharing customer information and energy grids made of nanomachines? Stay with us, and we’ll find out.



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