Headset Buddy Works Up In The Air, Too!

The Headset Buddy team was recently watching Martin Scorsese’s raunchy, uproarious The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and noticed a new detail: when Jordan Belfort (Leonard DiCaprio) is piloting (well under the influence) his helicopter home in the middle of the night, he’s wearing a headset. While we must make it clear that no one should operate a transportation vehicle (especially a piece of aviation equipment) while under the influence, this rather shocking bit of cinematic bad behavior made us realize the many uses Headset Buddy communication technology products can have mid-flight.

Again, safety is always the key factor to consider. But once you’re safely in cruising altitude and the pilot has assured everyone that it’s okay to use electronic devices there are plenty of Headset Buddy products that would fit the occasion nicely. For instance, when you pull out your iPad or tablet to entertain yourself/catch up on email, there are options like the PC Headset to 2.5mm – 3.5mm Adapter for Phones and Smartphones (SKU: 01-PC35-PH25/35Combo). The Headset Buddy website product description lays the Adapter like this:

If you already have a nice PC Headset, why buy another headset for your phones? Just get the Headset Buddy Adapter Combo Pack and save yourself money, clutter, and time! Just plug in the Headset Buddy and use your existing PC computer headset with 2.5mm or 3.5mm headset jacks. Works with standard 2.5mm sub-MiniJacks on home/office/mobile phones AND 3.5mm MiniJacks on your iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5, Android, Blackberry (Curve/Storm/Bold), Palm Pre, or any smartphone with a 3.5mm headset jack!

Headset Buddy - PC Headset - 2.5mm - 3.5mm Adapter - Phones - Smartphones

A big productivity enhancer for home businesses, sales people, consultants, road warriors, or anyone who is on the phone all the time, but doesn’t want to carry two headsets, one for the computer, and one for your phones.

Use your nice computer headset with your phone or smartphone to boost productivity and reduce clutter!

Specs: Two adapters included – 1) Female 3.5mm Mic and Female 3.5mm Audio to Male 2.5mm Mic/Audio + 2) Female 2.5mm Mic/Audio to Male 3.5mm Mic/Audio. Outputs binaural mono sound, meaning you if you have a stereo headset you will hear sound in both ears, but it will only be one channel (just left channel).”

Did you see that note about road warriors (you should, we bolded it)? Just because you’re in the air and between destinations doesn’t mean business stops! The Adapter will keep you in the conversation even if your feet aren’t on the ground.

The most air travel-compatible product Headset Buddy offers might just be our heralded ClearMic Noise Canceling Microphone, which works with Bose QC15 Headphones (SKU: 01-CM3501). We’ve spoken about the ClearMic before, but just see if this list of technical attributes doesn’t sound perfect for blocking out that incessant plane roar:

Headset Buddy Clear Mic

  • Makes the Bose QC15 into the most effective headset available
  • Includes the latest breakthroughs in noise-canceling technology. The person will think they’re talking to you in an office, not a plane moving at hundreds of miles an hour.
  • Fits cleanly into your ear. This isn’t a hard piece of technology to lug around.
  • Works with smartphones, tablets and Mac computers.

So ClearMic should be in your carry-on bag. Please, if you’ve used Headset Buddy products on a plane trip, share your stories! We’d love to hear about our work’s effectiveness in the field (and above it).

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