Agent Buddy Headset Training Adapter with 2 x Mute Buttons

A great product and affordable option for call centers is our Agent Buddy Headset Training Adapter. This is not only an affordable option to supply your growing workforce with, but it is also works with most phones that have an RJ9 connection. Having your new staff in training train side by side with one of your seasoned staff members is integral in having any call center employee learn how to be effective on the phones. The phones are the lifeblood of the call center, so having effective tools at your teams disposal is paramount.

agent buddy headset training adapter

The dual control with 2 mute buttons as well as dual volume control allow for excellent assistance so that your new hire can listen in, or your trainer to step in and take over the call. Whether your current phones are wired to the phones or your staff is using wireless headset devices, the Agent Headset Buddy Training Adapter is a one size fits all solution! But don’t forget that you can also use this with our Headset Buddy. If you do not have that product you can also use it with Agent, Plantronics, Jabra, GN Netcom and Sennheiser headsets.

So if your training is as important to you as most companies, you owe it to yourself to staff your teams with the Agent Buddy Headset Training Adapter. Side-by-side training is a key ingredient of any call center training program. This has just got easier with the introduction of a small headset adapter. The Headset Buddy Agent Training Switch makes side-by-side training easy to achieve. There are two separate mute buttons which allow either the trainer or the adviser to easily join or leave the conversation.

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