Technology News: Dell-Enstratius Merger

On Monday, May 7th, Austin tech giant Dell Computer Corporation announced that it had acquired the internet-based company Enstratius, a worldwide provider of management software and services.  Although details about the acquisition are not yet widely available, Headset Buddy will be watching and reporting on future developments in the Dell-Enstratius deal.

Dell and Enstratius MergerEnstratius was originally founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2008.  Its stated mission is to assist organizations and businesses in the management of applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting services.  For those unfamiliar with this new method of storage, “cloud computing” is a term that refers to the ability to share computerized, hard/software resources in a “cloud” (an online storage space) rather than in an in-company computer server.  Among the many platforms supported by Enstratius are VMware, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, and Amazon Web Services.  Actually, cloud storage enthusiasts will be excited to know that Enstratius products can run on just about any type of infrastructure.

Tom Kendra, vice president and general manager of systems management for Dell Software, shared this sentiment in an official press release:

“As enterprises increase their use of public, private and hybrid clouds, the need for controls, security, governance and automation becomes more critical. Dell, together with Enstratius, is uniquely positioned to deliver differentiated, complete cloud-management solutions to enterprise customers, large and small, empowering them with the efficiency and flexibility in the allocation and use of resources.”

For three decades, Dell has been one of America’s leading technology and computer companies.  Dell is renowned for its achievements in the international technology industry and its superior customer service, as well as the successful Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished urban children around the globe.

Although there’s been a lot of recent grumbling about Dell’s decision to go private, it’s hardly the only major news the company has put out in this year.  In groundbreaking news earlier in the year, CEO Michael Dell partnered with globally-known tech investment collective Silver Lake to privatize Dell Inc.  The company also acquired the award-winning high-profile data protection solutions company Credant Technologies before securing Enstratius under its belt as well.

With Enstratius on board, the professionals at Dell will definitely be adapting to some new technologies, service interfaces, and consumer questions.  And, as their customer service call centers, already reputable for their attentiveness, accessibility, and effectiveness with customers, rely heavily on the use of headset communication devices, nobody understands their growing pains and needs more than those of us here at Headset Buddy.  Congratulations to Dell on its latest victory; Headset Buddy is here to help out in any way possible.