Your iPhone Has All The App’s, But What About Accessories?

Okay, now I know when most of you hear the phrase ‘iPhone accessories’ you’re all of a sudden thinking massive #HelloKitty iPhone cases or elaborate phone wallets that turn into a stapler, that doubles as a flashlight, that dispenses mustard and ketchup, that can open a bottle of wine etc. etc. But what this accessory does is truly something to get a little excited about. No, it doesn’t tell you the winning lottery numbers for next week, but what it does is turn your favorite set of headphones into a brand new headset. Are you thinking what we are (#BeatsByDre headset) lol?


So naturally, we make a lot of products that can turn some of your favorite devices into your new favorite USABLE devices. Because there’s nothing better than using something you already love, and turning that into something you love to use. We’re not saying you’re going to be listening to music on phone calls, but I mean hey, the option is there ladies and gentleman.

We didn’t become a major player in our market by following the herd…we did it by innovating! On to the next set of details for you all to digest and drool over, the benefits and specs.



  • Use your favorite pair of headphones as a headset
  • Great for gamers & audiophiles
  • Fits almost any headphones – only requires a half-inch diameter spot to place base magnet
  • Attach, detach, and reattach the Moov Mic as needed using the included magnetic clasp
  • Customize your fit – adjust the length or side of the flexible gooseneck boom microphone to meet your needs
  • Works with most PCs – standard 3.5mm plug fits most PCs
  • Combine Moov Mic and your headphones with other Headset Buddy adapters to use with smartphones, tablets, Xbox360, PS3, and more…

MoovMic__22498.1405440961.1280.1280Want to convert your favorite headphones into your favorite headset?

Moov Mic turns any pair of headphones into your headset using a simple attachable/detachable boom microphone. Unlike many headsets with in-line microphones that pick up lots of background noise, people will hear you clearly using the precision engineered Moov Mic. When you want to use the microphone, attach it using the magnetic clasp. When you’re not using the microphone, just remove it.

Want to use Moov Mic with other devices, combine the Moov Mic with one of these Headset Buddy adapters:
iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, or Mac – PC Headset to Smartphone Adapter
Xbox 360 – PC Headset to Xbox 360 Adapter
Playstation 3 – PC Headset to PS3 USB Adapter

You can purchase your new MoovMic right here.




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