The Best Gaming Accessories for Any Platform

If you’re a serious gamer, you know how important accessories can be to the gaming experience. Comfort and functionality are paramount when you’re playing for long periods of time. No one wants their equipment to fail in the middle of an important raid.

However, with the multitude of gaming platforms and accessories, it can be hard to make sure all of your equipment is compatible with each other. What happens if your headset can’t import gaming audio? Or if your microphone isn’t compatible with your headphones?

Here at Headset Buddy, we specialize in interoperability. We want to make sure that your gaming equipment works together seamlessly, so you can focus on what’s really important: taking down the next boss.

Here are a few of our favorite gaming accessories.


#1. MoovMic Detachable Boom Microphone

For group gaming, a microphone for your headset is essential so you can communicate with other players during gameplay. The MoovMic detachable microphone is an ideal and easy to use accessory. It attaches to your favorite headphones to convert them into the ultimate gaming headset.

#2. PC Headset Adapter for Xbox 360 Controller

For all you Xbox 360 gamers out there, this headset adapter allows you to connect you controller to your headset. However, this headset adapter is designed only to import chat sound from your Xbox 360. If you’d like to also import chat sound, we recommend upgrading to the Xbox 360 headset adapter kit.

#3. PlayStation 3 USB Headset Adapter

If you have a headset that you use for PC gaming, but want to use it cross-platform for gaming on a Playstation 3, this adapter is for you. It allows you to connect your PC headset directly to your Playstation 3 controller, for seamless audio integration. Rather than buying a completely new headset for your Playstation, you can use this adapter with your existing headset, saving time and money.

#4. PlayStation 3 PC Headset Adapter Kit

For the most serious gamers, we recommend this adapter kit. The kit allows you to import both chat and gaming audio. The kit comes with the USB PC Headset Adapter, a splitter, as well as three extension cables that allow you to connect your PC headset into either your TV headphone jack or your gaming controller.

What are some of your favorite gaming accessories? Did we leave anything out?

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