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In previous blog posts, Headset Buddy spoke of our recently released products like the MOOV Mic and the Bose-affiliated Clear Mic. But we have so many products to share with our tech-savvy customer base that we felt like taking the opportunity to dedicate a post to several of our most popular Headset Buddy products.

Headset Buddy PH25-PH35

On account of the near-constant use of Smartphones by a vast majority of the U.S. populace, our Smartphone product line includes the 2.5mm to 3.5mm Headset Adapter which works with the iPhone, Blackberry, and various other Smartphone models. It’s an incredibly affordable item at just under $6 ($5.97, to be exact), the adapter is described thus on the Headset Buddy website:

“Want to use a better headset with your smartphone or iPhone? Buy the Headset Buddy Adapter and use 2.5mm phone headset with your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet that has a single 3.5mm plug.

A big productivity enhancer for home businesses, call centers, sales people, road warriors, or anyone who is on their smartphone all the time, and wants to use a higher quality PC headset.

Specs: This adaptor converts a standard 2.5mm headset plug to an iPhone/Android/Blackberry 3.5mm plug, allowing you to use your favorite phone headset with your cell phone or tablet. Since most 2.5mm headsets are mono, this Headset Buddy was designed to output mono sound. If you have a 2.5mm stereo headset, you will only hear one channel of sound out of one ear. The adapter cable is approximately three inches long.”

Headset Buddy PC BiHeadset  PC35 RJ9 ComboAnother immensely helpful product from Headset Buddy is the Binaural Plantronics PC Headset and RJ9 Adapter Combo, from Headset Buddy’s office product line. For only $55, the Combo gives users a headset capable of both telephone and PC interoperability. The PC headset/adapter gives a professional-grade binaural performance. Additionally, the headset is compatible with nearly any VOIP office phone that include a headset jack. This affordable product also comes with microphone/audio volume control and a Headset Buddy 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Headset Buddy PC35-PS3 USBIt’s not just about business at Headset Buddy, obviously. We also are very interested in the gaming world, so we sell items like the PlayStation 3 USB Headset Adapter – PC Headset to PS3 Adapter:

“Want to feel like you’re in the game? Have a PC gaming headset that you love? Use your existing PC computer headset that has 3.5mm mic/audio plugs with your PlayStation’s USB port.

Specs: This amazing headset adaptor converts the dual headset 3.5mm plugs to a standard Type A male PS3 USB port, allowing you to use your favorite computer/laptop headset with your PlayStation 3 Type A female USB port. This adapter is designed for use with headsets that have two 3.5mm plugs; one for the microphone and one for the headphones/earpiece(s). Outputs stereo sound. Only permits for chat sound (you need the PS3 kit for game and chat sound).”

Whether you’re gaming, conducting a meeting, or manning a call center station, Headset Buddy believes you deserve the highest quality equipment available. Check out the Headset Buddy catalogue to find the perfect hardware for your needs!

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