Home Is Where You Lay Your Headset Buddy

While Headset Buddy is best-known for our communication technology products that affect and assist the telecommunication, call center and gaming industries, our product line also helps out around the house. Yes, there are several members of the Headset Buddy family that can help in daily domestic duties! We’re going to run through a few of the big name items here.

Several major-label brands support the Headset Buddy home product line. These are General Electric, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Uniden and V-tech. One of the most common everyday objects – the household phone – can be updated and improved with one of Headset Buddy’s patents. For instance, there’s the 3.5mm Female Headset to 2.5mm Male Adapter,which HB offers for only $7.95. The Adapter lets you use a smartphone headset with any home phone. The Headset Buddy website gives this product description, while also listing the many, many compatible phones that work with the Adapter:

3.5mm Female Headset to 2.5mm Male Adapter Headset Buddy Blog

“Why buy and carry around a second headset just for your phone? Get the Headset Buddy Adapter and use your existing smartphone headset with your home, office, or cell phone that has a 2.5mm plug. A space saver for home businesses, call centers, sales people, road warriors, or anyone who wants to use a low-cost, comfortable iPhone/smartphone headset with their office or home phone.

Specs: This adaptor converts a 3.5mm TRRS stereo headset plug to a 2.5mm plug, allowing you to use your favorite iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone headset with your home or office phone. Since most 2.5mm devices are mono, you will only hear mono-channel sound in one ear. The adapter cable is approximately 3 inches long.”

Elsewhere, in the Panasonic spectrum, there’s the PC Computer Headset to Phone Adapter – Dual 3.5mm to 2.5mm ($9.95). Now you can use the same headset for your PC and your home. But that’s just one of the benefits, as described by the Headset Buddy Product Profile:

PC Computer Headset to Phone Adapter Headset Buddy Blog

~ “Use headset on computer and home or office phone that has a 2.5mm headset jack
~ Convert two 3.5mm plugs to single 2.5mm plug
~ Reduce clutter with single headset
~ Great for traveling, carry just one headset
~ For use on standard 2.5mm phone headset jacks
~ Works with mono and stereo headsets”

Moving right along, the PC Headset to 2.5mm – 3.5mm Adapter for Phones and Smartphones ($14.95 for Philips phones) is also worth a look. You can compile your PC headset and phone headset use into one useful household object. SPECS include:

2.5mm – 3.5mm Adapter for Phones and Smartphones Headset Buddy Blog

“Two adapters included – 1) Female 3.5mm Mic and Female 3.5mm Audio to Male 2.5mm Mic/Audio + 2) Female 2.5mm Mic/Audio to Male 3.5mm Mic/Audio. Outputs binaural mono sound, meaning you if you have a stereo headset you will hear sound in both ears, but it will only be one channel (just left channel).”

Headset Buddy understands that daily life’s necessity for communication and information flow doesn’t stop once you step out of your job at the end of business hours. Headset Buddy can make household chores just as efficient and simple as we do office telecommunications tasks.

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