Headset Buddy on E3 Expo 2013

The Los Angeles Convention Center will be jam-packed this week (June 11-13) for the E3 Expo, the most well-known and widely-attended video and computer entertainment trade show in America. Headset Buddy is excited about E3 because we’re obviously into video games. That’s why we have several adapters that allow gamers to connect their super-high-tech auditory equipment to current-generation video gaming consoles. Not a day goes by when Headset Buddy isn’t actively enabling our customers’ gaming habits. E3 is the best chance we get to see what major trends will be blasting through Headset Buddy ear buds for the coming year, and for us to get our newest products ready for the next generation of hardware that’s just around the corner!

As it is every year, the 2013 E3 Expo is put on by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The ESA self-describes itself as “dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies, publishing interactive games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers and the Internet.” More information on the ESA is available at  www.E3Expo.com and www.TheESA.com.

As it does every year, the E3 conference will bring thousands upon thousands of video game/electronic arts professionals to Los Angeles. Just like us at Headset Buddy, these gaming folks base their professional lives on the future of interactive entertainment. There’s a ton of brainpower attending events like these at convention centers these days – even the most cutting-edge innovators are excited to see what new technologies and games will be revealed at this year’s expo.

E3 2013 will welcome software developers, buyers and retailers, programmers, distributors, entertainment industry representatives, financiers and venture capitalists, importers and exporters, manufacturers, resellers, researchers, educators, financial and industry analysts and worldwide electronic and print media. – E3Expo.com

There are several big stories at this year’s Expo. Gaming giants Microsoft and Sony will both be showcasing their groundbreaking new consoles. Microsoft will be featuring the Xbox One – an interactive, all-inclusive entertainment system. And Sony will have their Playstation 4. Get a sneak peak of the PS4 and leave the page open to watch the PS4 Press Conference, live from E3, at 6 PM PDT/8 PM CDT!

Along with new consoles there will be a myriad of popular games released this year. Among the biggest game titles at the Expo are Dark Souls II, a role-playing, action “open world” video game available on both Xbox and PS3; Killer is Dead, a James Bond inspired game; Shin Megami Tensei IV, the latest in the long-running franchise; and NHL 14, which should be one of the year’s biggest sports titles. And, we expect gamers would be at Headset Buddy’s throat if we didn’t mention Final Fantasy XIV. This legendary, ultra-popular franchise continues on with a new massively multiplayer game for PS3, PC, and Mac. Beta registration is currently  available. 

Electronic Arts, Activision, Blizzard, Deep Silver, Konami, Capcom and many more of the big names in game development will also be in attendance. Headset Buddy will sure be on the wire before, during, and after E3 this year. We’ll be part of the conversations involved in planning and showcasing everything this year’s convention has in store. And, afterward, we’ll enjoy, along with millions of others, the fruits of the labor in the gaming industry represented at E3 2013.


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