Headset Buddy Moov Mic Product Pre-Launch

We at Headset Buddy are excited to announce tomorrow’s launch of the Moov Mic, a detachable boom microphone that works with almost any headphone. The word is spreading fast about Long Tail/Headset Buddy’s newest product. The Moov Mic Detachable Boom Microphone will be the subject of a limited-time, pre-sale offer before the official release date. You can take advantage of the Moov Mic Presale here.

The official press release for Moov Mic’s pre-sale states the situation as such:

“Love games? Luxuriate in ultra-high quality audio? Long Tail Products has something to tempt anyone who demands high quality voice and audio capabilities – the company has today announced audiophiles can take advantage of their limited-time pre-sale offer before the official launch of the brand new Moov Mic Detachable Boom Microphone.”

The Moov Mic is easily one of Headset Buddy’s most hyped releases. It’s a sought-after item for DJs, musicians, gamers, and others in the professional or leisure spheres who aim for simultaneous voice capabilities and the highest-quality audio. Moov Mic works with basically any type of headphones and it includes a magnetic base that allows easy microphone attachment and detachment. This flexibility means that the Moov Mic can be used in any position needed by the user. Early test comments praised the sharpness and sleek design of the Moov Mic. It’s time to take that good news national!

The pre-sale offers two separate Moov Mic products. The traditional Moov Mic runs at $24.95 and works with PCs. Moov Mic Plus retails at $29.95 and includes an additional adapter that allows smartphone, Mac, and tablet use. Adapters that will couple Moov Mic with Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and other widely available systems will also be available. These adapters are the PC Headset to Smartphone Adapter, the PC Headset to Xbox 360 Adapter and the PC Headset to PS3 USB Adapter.

The Headset Buddy website describes the Moov Mic this way:

“Want to convert your favorite headphones into your favorite headset? Moov Mic turns any pair of headphones into your headset using a simple attachable/detachable boom microphone. Unlike many headsets with in-line microphones that pick up lots of background noise, people will hear you clearly using the precision engineered Moov Mic. When you want to use the microphone, attach it using the magnetic clasp. When you’re not using the microphone, just remove it.”

Headset Buddy is very excited about the Moov Mic product launch, and right now you have the chance to get the Moov Mic in your hands before anyone else does! The Moov Mic is an instant integration piece of technology, and represents another step forward in the home and professional tech communication world. It’s going to be an honor to get the first online comment up there, so sign on to the special early Headset Buddy Moov Mic offer today. Also, let us know what you think of your Moov Mic by posting on the Headset Buddy product page and on our Facebook page!




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