Headset Buddy is Your Gateway to Political Understanding

At Headset Buddy, we’ve talked a lot in the past about sports and video games, office work and working out. However, there’s another major outlet for human auditory capabilities that Headset Buddy can help customers with: political talk radio! There’s no denying that today, with satellite radio and the internet further saturating the market, talk radio is as popular and widespread as ever. So, it’s quite likely that there are many Americans (and people the world round) who benefit from and use Headset Buddy custom headsets products and accessories for their personal daily programming.

Headset Buddy is no stranger to national news. Headset Buddy products have been used by news departments at ABC, NBC, and Fox News. We’re good enough for professionals, but we’re made for the everyday user who doesn’t want interference with their daily post-work news update. Additionally, Headset Buddy will give you privacy while you listen to your top talk radio picks, making sure that no one will overhear and “get in your face” about what you’re listening to. We’re not sure if everyone agrees, but political opinions are a major cause of division at this point in our country’s history. Partisanship is the name of the (hostile, enervating) game these days, so Headset Buddy is totally sympathetic toward attempts to keep your talk radio diet a secret.

Nearly every single Headset Buddy product can improve your radio listening experience. Our PC Computer Headset to 3.5mm Smartphone Adapter can make quick work of noisy podcasts, seeing as it acts as a better headphone than typical iPod or smartphone headsets. Uninterrupted, clear stereo sound comes 100% guaranteed. Similarly, the Koss CS95 Monaural PC Headset with RJ9 Adapter is an extremely capable listening device that can be easily used on a daily basis with your computer. For the amount of use a Headset Buddy customer will get out of it, the Koss CS95’s price of $39.95 is an eyebrow-raising bargain.

We can’t forget the other major aspect of talk radio listening: the call-in guest! We’re sure there are many Headset Buddy customers (or prospective customers) who have something to say on these shows. For that, there are items like the new Moov Mic Detachable Microphone, an attachable/detachable boom microphone that Headset Buddy just started offering for $24.95. It allows you to turn your favorite pair of high-tech headphones into a state of the art headset with customizable fit measurements. The Headset Buddy Website says the Moov Mic is “great for audiophiles” – aka people who do a lot of listening. Even more advanced is the even newer Clear Mic Noise Canceling Microphone for Bose QC15 Headphones. This $39.95 item can make noisy environments quiet shelters for the ear with its attachable noise canceling boom microphone. The Clear Mic makes it easier to stay on top and engage in the conversation about the latest bill or controversy.

Information and news moves faster than ever in 2013, and the distractions of modern life aren’t modest by any means. Get an easier grasp of the talking points and issues with Headset Buddy custom headset products at your side and on your head.


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