Headset Buddy is Ready for Some Football!

If you live in Austin, Texas – like the folks at Headset Buddy do – you’ve known for quite a while that football season is right around the corner. It’s a quasi religion in this state (and in many other states, I suspect), so the excitement in the air is growing thicker with each passing day. Our hometown team, the University of Texas Longhorns, open the season on the last day of August, Saturday the 31st. And not too far away, we know the Texas A&M Aggies are looking forward to their second season with Johnny “Football” Manziel.

Besides the obvious, blood-pumping excitement of the football season, though, Headset Buddy has an additional log in the fire. We know that people on the field and off will be using headset and headset-applicable communication devices during these great feats of athleticism, and that’s a gigantic opportunity to collaborate in a new way with the game we love!

It's Game Time at Headset Buddy!Of course, there’s also the NFL season coming up at the same time. Preseason games have already begun, and the full football season (arguably the largest and most popular sports season in America) means the same headset-usage situations as the NCAA. However, everything is a little bit bigger in the NFL, so headset buddy will be doing some truly intense duty on the gridiron.

Let us think of the ways Headset Buddy might be used. What comes first to the mind of this writer is how his uncle would always want his own broadcast of the game in his ear rather than listening to the television commentators. He’d take his headset radio to the games, as well. These passionate fans want their own personal talk football radio experience, and products like Headset Buddy’s Monaural Noise Canceling Call Center Headset with Quick Disconnect Cables could be a perfect addition for football season attire.

There are also, obviously, hundreds of on-field needs for headsets and communications. We’ve all seen the shots on television of the offensive and defensive coordinators, in their skyboxes, speaking through a headpiece to a team’s head coach way down on the sidelines. There are additional coaches on the sidelines rallying calls and information back and forth, as well. It’s a full 100 yards of conversation, really. And we can’t forget the referees, who have to constantly conference with their compatriots “up in the booth.” This setup is the same for both NCAA football and the NFL. Clearly, Headset Buddy would find a good home around the hats and heads of these professionals.

Occasionally, halftime entertainments at football games will involve performances by major recording artists. Admittedly, this is more an NFL-centric event than something that goes on in college, but someone like Jerry Jones wouldn’t be remiss to call a big country star up for a major game. When the performers are on stage in those cavernous stadiums, what type of communication gear are they wearing? You know the answer; Headset Buddy is ready to Rock n’ Roll!

And, finally, with each new football season comes a new slate of football video games. Madden. NCAA Football. The names are the whole story! These games are, by their very nature, communication cooperative. So Headset Buddy can connect players from around the nation (and the world) as they pilot their customized teams to gaming champ status.

Yes, football season brings out the spirit in all of us. But the thing that’s really music to Headset Buddy’s ear is football’s ever more technologically-advanced sideline and fan interface. We want to cover every word of the pigskin action!

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