Headset Buddy Can Help Save the Muppies!

The Headset Buddy team can hear our readers now: “a muppie? What the heck is that?” Well, you’ve probably heard the now-three decade-old term “yuppies” at some point. The nickname for the “young urban professionals” of the 80’s and 90’s became so overused and clichéd that serious use of it is all but erased from human memory. Muppies, though, are the new kids on the block – millennial urban professionals. It’s not just the time frame that separates these two groups, though. It’s also a mindset affected by the events of the past 6-8 years. Muppies are creatures of professional position, yes, but their reliance on the internet makes them especially susceptible to the charms of Headset Buddy’s communication technology product line.

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According to this great article from REFINERY29, muppies are hybrids of yuppies and millennials, complete with all the 21st century perspective that description suggests. They share the career ambitions of the yuppies but are more conscientious about their place in society. If a yuppie wanted to be one of Tom Wolfe’s “Master(s) of the Universe,” muppies want to make sure that universe is not overrun with global warming and pollution. A muppie’s life is defined by the internet. They communicate with peers over it, plan their days and careers on it and push their initiatives through it. Without the web there is no muppie generation (there’s also no 21st century, but let’s stay in one place here).

Another excellent Huffington Post article suggests the Great Recession is the dividing line between the Y-U-P generation and our current M-U-P setup. From the Michelle Miller article:

“But when Lehman collapsed, it brought with it the Yuppie Path as one that fulfilled these ideals of success, status, power and cool-ness. Slashed bonuses, media vilification and a stagnant economy made it clear to the millennial sitting in the Yuppie seat that he would not reap the monetary and societal rewards experienced by his predecessors. And all of a sudden, the Yuppie path became not very cool, and, as a consequence, not very Yuppie at all.

And so the would-be-yuppie did a very Yuppie thing: He tossed out the old path like a pair of flared jeans and set about establishing new guidelines for what constitutes the Desirable Life.”

So these young adult women and men want success and a certain amount of power, but they don’t want to leave a trail of desolation in their wake when they make it up the ladder. They live very fast-paced, conscientious lifestyles. And, thus, there are several Headset Buddy products that can keep up with the Muppie rhythm.

The MoovMic Detachable Boom Microphone, as an example, will allow a muppie to use their headphones as a headset. They’re on their phones (or iPod/MP3 player) all the time. When the all-important call for the millennial professional’s start-up rings through, the MoovMic will enable the business meeting without a change of headware necessary. Check out the other specs:

. Great for gamers & audiophiles

. Fits almost any headphones – only requires a half-inch diameter spot to place base magnet

. Attach, detach, and reattach the Moov Mic as needed using the included magnetic clasp

. Customize your fit – adjust the length or side of the flexible gooseneck boom microphone to meet your needs

. Works with most PCs – standard 3.5mm plug fits most PCs

. Combine Moov Mic and your headphones with other Headset Buddy adapters to use with smartphones, tablets, Xbox360, PS3, and more…

Head over the Headset Buddy Website for more products to help that special muppie in your life. Headset Buddy knows it’s quite possible the muppie in question may actually be the person reading this article!

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