Binaural Plantronics PC Headset and RJ9 Adapter Combo

We’ve had a lot of orders lately for our binaural Plantronics PC headset and RJ9 adapter combo so we’re writing a blog post to address some of the specifics of the headset as well as the RJ9 adapter. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your headset or possibly just wanting to upgrade some previous equipment retrofitted with the RJ9 adapter this is the headset combo for you.


Granted we do have a lot of customers working in call centers specifically ordering our products to make their days a little bit more relaxing and comfortable while on the phones; there’s also a number of customers ordering our product to retrofit their old equipment. At a price point of $55.00 theĀ binaural Plantronics PC headset and RJ9 adapter combo is certainly an affordable option for anyone looking to upgrade to a better device. Some of the features include:

  • Professional-grade binaural PC headset and adapter
  • Use headset with most VOIP office phones that have a headset jack (select appropriate Adapter)
  • Microphone and audio volume control
  • Less expensive than like-products available on the market, and superior in value
  • Backed by the Headset Buddy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This combo PC Headset and RJ9 adapter provides a headset with both pc and telephone interoperability, which saves money and reduces workspace clutter.

Why buy an expensive headset just for your office phone? Use the Headset Buddy Adapter and this Plantronics noise-cancelling binaural computer headset with most office phones that have a headset jack.

A big productivity enhancer for home businesses, call centers, sales people, or anyone who is on the phone all the time, and wants to use a lower cost or more comfortable PC headset.

Specs: Includes one PC headset and one RJ9 adapter. PC headset includes a noise-cancelling microphone and microphone/audio volume control. RJ9 adaptor converts the headset’s 3.5mm mic/audio plugs to a standard RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22 handset plug, allowing you to use this computer/laptop headset with your office phone. All Headset Buddy products are EU RoHS Compliant.

Customers wanting to purchase this now can do so here or for further assistance you can email us here: Headset Buddy.

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