Are You Ready for Grand Theft Auto V?

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular and controversial video games ever made. It has defined the video game market for several years in the previous decade and is making a huge return this year. Grand Theft Auto V, the latest chapter in the car stealing, gang dealing, mass destruction crime game will be hitting the market on September 17th 2013. There’s a lot of dialogue and other important audio cues spread throughout every GTA title, so we expect that many players will be using their Headset Buddies to amplify their gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto V Headset BuddyThe Praise

Early reviews of the Rockstar Games (parent company: Take Two Interactive) title have been largely exemplary. That’s, arguably, an even more impressive feat than an unknown game title receiving praise. GTA has been so well-known for so long that it’s quite difficult to impress the fans at this point. They’re already so used to excellence – it’s like a game version of what Radiohead went through trying to follow up OK Computer (1997).  So the fact that many of the first comments express admiration of the vast, complex society maps and breakthrough levels of interactive game play should impress gamers. After all, GTA wrote the book, in a way, on those two video gaming tropes.

The current Metacritic score for GTA V is 99/100. Basically, that’s a perfect score. They might have this year’s Skyrim on their hands. Check out some of the raves below:

“Five years ago, it looked as though it would’ve been difficult to make a bigger, more impressive game than Grand Theft Auto IV, but Rockstar didn’t just settle for improvements to visuals. Instead, it polished and iterated upon every single element of the game – and the genre. The world is massive and detailed, the gameplay is damn near perfect, and though there are some lackluster side missions, the actual story is filled with memorable personalities that feel more fully-realized than even the best of GTA’s previous characters.” – (from GamesRadar’s Hollander Cooper)

The Criticisms

There was a strong rumor that GTA V would be the first title in the series to feature a major playable female character. This is not the case – players have three options, all men. This is a somewhat disappointing decision, and it is indicative of the video game industry’s continuing issues with gender inclusiveness (if not outright sexism). There are also the usual pot shots at GTA V’s violent, morally ambiguous game play and narrative. Video game followers have to handle this title in much the same way film buffs approach titles like A Clockwork Orange (1971) or Natural Born Killers (1994). These are exemplary works of art and hugely entertaining experiences, but the favor that is shown them cannot be interpreted as encouragement of the awful behavior and personalities contained within.

Headset Buddy products, like the Moov Mic Detachable Boom Microphone, are available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the two consoles GTA V is carried on. Listen in on the San Andreas crime wave with your Headset Buddy!