How to Beat Procrastination

How many times have you had a task that you know you have to do, but you put it off anyway. And the next day, you put it off again. After a couple of days, it starts to become a huge backlog of work. What starts out as a simple task, quickly snowballs into a mountain of work all for one reason: procrastination.

Procrastination is the bane of any worker’s existence, but it can be especially detrimental to those of us who work from home. Without the threat of bosses or coworkers peeking over our shoulders or remarking on how often we check Facebook, it can be tempting to spend just a few more minutes surfing the web or scrolling through Twitter.

Everyone struggles with procrastination, even the most productive of us. But what distinguishes the average person from the gal (or guy) who meets the deadline is how they handle the impulse to procrastinate. Luckily, there are strategies you can use to stop procrastinating and get more done.

Here are our top tips for overcoming procrastination:


Tip #1: Set the Mood

Maybe some of you out there are Jedi Masters of self-control, but I am sure not one of them. Before I get to work, I do whatever it takes to make sure that I’m in the right frame of mind to get the work done. This might mean going to a favorite coffee shop, putting on the right music, or just taking a few moments to focus my thoughts on the task at hand.

Tip #2: Reclaim Your Workspace

Closely related to getting in the right mindset is setting up your workspace so that it works for you. A lot of people overlook this aspect of getting work done, but our workspaces — whether we notice it consciously or not — affect our mindsets. I find that if I’m working in a very cluttered environment, I find it much harder to concentrate than if the space is clean and orderly. But everyone is different — some prefer to work in a messy environment, others prefer to work outside, some like noise, while others require near silence. Find what works for you — the idea is to remove as many barriers to your productivity as possible.

Tip #3: Leverage Technology

Technology has come a long way in enhancing both comfort and productivity in a variety of environments. Here at Headset Buddy, we also work with your comfort and efficiency in mind. Our PC Headset to 2.5mm – 3.5mm Adapter for Phones and Smartphones lets you use your existing PC headset with your smartphone for greater mobility. The Green Giant Headphone/Microphone Splitter for iPhones and Smartphones helps you make premium audio recordings, whether you’re working from a PC or while on the go.


We hope these productivity tips help you get more done so you can spend more time doing what you love instead of playing catch-up at work. What are your favorite strategies to stop procrastinating? Share them with us!

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