Headset Buddy is Excited about the New Products at Bose

If a communication technology user is familiar with what the team at Headset Buddy is up to, they are well aware of our ClearMic Noise Canceling Microphone for Bose QC15 Headphones. One of the big item launches of 2013, the ClearMic-Bose microphone is a proud member of Headset Buddy’s product line. Some background information:

Headset Buddy Clear Mic

From Headset Buddy’s website:

“I did a quick test phone call in a strong wind and was impressed to learn the person on the other end had no idea I was outdoors!” – Paul

Want to use your Bose QC15 headphones as a headset in noisy environments? Clear Mic turns your Bose headphones into the ultimate headset using an attachable noise canceling boom microphone. Unlike the inline mic that comes with the headphones, Clear Mic eliminates most background noise so that no matter where you are the person on the other end will think you’re calling from a closed-door office. Just like the OEM mic, the Clear Mic fits flush into the left ear cup. You can even go hands free using the inline remote to answer/end calls, increase/decrease volume, and change music (on select Apple products).

Want to use your Bose headset with Clear Mic on other devices? Combine the Clear Mic with one of these Headset Buddy adapters:
• PC – Smartphone to PC Headset Adapter
• Xbox 360 – Smartphone Headset to Xbox 360 Adapter”

Because of that impressive offering, Headset Buddy is obviously very invested in what happens next for Bose. As the premier supplier of speakers in the market today, Bose provides a great view of where communication technology will be headed. What’s around the corner in 2014?

Listening to music at home just became even more cutting edged and digitally integrated. Bose’s SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems will bring the ease of wireless Internet browsing to customers’ listening habits. With one-touch access, this latest Bose breakthrough will empower home entertainment like never before. Here’s what Bose says for ttself:

“What if music flowed through your home like electricity?
SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi® music systems are much more than just speakers because they connect directly to the Internet over your Wi-Fi network. You can stream Internet radio, Pandora® and your music library without having to go to your computer or open an app. It makes listening to your favorite music easier. All around your home. Wirelessly.”

Headset Buddy Bose sound link miniAnd that’s not even close to being everything. Bose also has a new SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker for “better sound in the palm of your hand.“ This portable, handheld speaker allows home-based music enjoyment to be taken on the road with the user. The speaker is ultra-compact and produces a full-bodied and impressive sound. It can connect with a user’s smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device wirelessly. With the ClearMic in hand, it’d be really nice to try out the SoundLink on a road trip or hike. Here are some special features, as listed by Bose:


• Advanced audio performance delivers full-range listening experience
• The most compact mobile speaker from Bose easily goes where you go
• Wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth device
• Rechargeable battery plays up to 7 hours
• USB port allows for software update to ensure ongoing Bluetooth device compatibility
• Soft covers are available separately in blue, green or orange
• The speaker comes with charging cradle and power cord and accessory covers are available separately”

2014 will be another year filled with brand-new communication technology items to pore over and pick up. Bose will only be one company at the forefront. Our users can be assured that Headset Buddy will be on top of every new story.

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