A Letter About the ClearMic for Bose QC35

Dear Headset Buddy Customers,

I have to admit something to you. I made a huge mistake. Please allow me to explain.

Last August the Headset Buddy team made a few design improvements to our highly popular ClearMic for Bose QuietComfort 35 (CM3504) to improve noise reduction. Normally when we create a new product or redesign an existing product we put it through rigorous testing at our factory and our Austin office before mass production begins.

However, over the past few months, demand for ClearMic exceeded our expectations and left us with a backlog of orders over the holidays. In order to get customers their orders as soon as possible and because we were using known suppliers, I reduced testing requirements.  Earlier this week we received inventory and without further testing, fulfilled the backlogged orders. Only after using the ClearMic myself the next day did I realize my mistake. The microphone on the redesigned CM3504 does not meet our quality standards for clarity and noise-reduction.

As the person responsible for making this decision, I am terribly sorry and personally embarrassed for taking shortcuts and sending out a product that does not meet Headset Buddy quality standards. To correct this mistake, I will do the following…

  • Any customers who purchased the ClearMic 3504 between the dates of November 15th and December 27th will receive a full refund upon request. Please email us help@headsetbuddy.com to request a refund.
  • Send affected customers a free updated version of the ClearMic once it has passed our testing standards and is back in stock (March).
  • Give affected customers a coupon for 50% off any one item at HeadsetBuddy.com.

Your trust means everything to us and we will never stop working to not only earn it, but maintain it. I sincerely hope that you can accept my apology and the steps that we are taking to rectify your experience with our products.

Thank you for your patience and for being a valued Headset Buddy customer.





Torrie Robinson
Headset Buddy Product Manager

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