The Headset Buddy for Austin Joggers

Among the many things Austin is known for (live music, Tex-Mex, BBQ, technology, and football, to name a few), physical fitness is one the city takes a lot of pride in. Continually seen as one of the fittest cities in Texas (if not America), Austin is a town filled with folks looking to keep in shape. Headset Buddy is totally in sync with this metropolitan personality trait, which is why we are happy to help any Austin jogger who runs while listening to music.

David Gerstein Jog Woman Run Female Metal Art Marathon Jogging Runner SculptureHeadset Buddy can make it easier than ever to hook music into a runner’s ears before hitting the trail. But, what if someone calls in the middle of the run? Well, we’ve got you covered! No more stopping and switching devices and throwing off your momentum. No, with a Headset Buddy a runner can continue running because the Buddy consolidates all headset-applicable devices.

There are tons of places in Austin for a jogger to check out. The Town Lake Metropolitan Park, in Austin’s 78701 zip code, is one of the most famous. With its location right in the “heart” of the city, Town Lake is something like the quintessential Austin jogging space. The dirt trail is, for many, a more satisfying jogging experience than concrete pathways. Also pleasing is the beautiful view of Town Lake and Downtown that greets all runners. The running trail is also spotted with distance markers to help runners keep track of how far they’ve gone. Additionally, construction near the Congress Bridge will update the area. There is also a boardwalk being completed on the east end of the trail which will change the path so that it no longer goes by the traffic on Riverside Drive.

Another top Austin jogging space is the Barton Creek Greenbelt at 2201 Barton Springs Road. This space is used equally for jogging and hiking, and the cliff wall is frequently used by climbing enthusiasts.  Mountain bikers in Austin flock to the Barton Creek Greenbelt because of its lush backdrop and smooth straightaways. When Austin gets rain, Barton Creek gets beautiful pools in its “Upper – ” and “Twin Falls,” which are great to take a dip in after an invigorating run.

This greenbelt falls in line with Austin’s counter-culture side, and many Austin citizens (and visitors) enjoy the vibrant and diverse culture that attends the area. Going further into that counter culture (if you live in Austin you know this is par for the course) is the Thong Jog. Yes, you read that right. According to the Thong Jog authorities, this is “an Austin original road race where participants can walk one mile or run a 5k in a thong. Wear your skivvies or brave a thong if you dare.” This event is still on the horizon, with the date officially listed as “coming soon,” so you still have time to sign up! The Thong Jog exemplifies the liberating and rich jogging culture in Austin, so join in!

Austin has lots of great places for fitness enthusiasts and casual strollers to enjoy. With Headset Buddy you can bring your favorite music to complete the experience. Check out Headset Buddy’s Catalog today if you’re exercising is being weighed down by cumbersome headphones and devices!