Headset Buddy Launched a New Product: The Wireless Headset System!

Headset Buddy’s customized headsets and other office and home communication products are already well known to the many professionals who use communication hardware on a daily basis. So, we’re very excited to introduce the Wireless Headset System, Headset Buddy’s latest teleconference/telecommunication tool for the modern office.

Stylish Wireless Headset BuddyBryan Daigle, the CEO of Headset Buddy producers Long Tail Products, has this to say about his company’s new Wireless Headset System:

“More and more small businesses are opting for wireless headsets so their employees can handle issues away from their desk, even while collaborating with others.”

With that trend in mind, the Wireless Headset System is perfectly suited for the fast-paced demands of small (and large) business offices. First off, it has a Mr. Fantastic-like range of up to 300 feet. There is a lot of caller dexterity available, as users can make calls and/or pick up calls even while away from their workstations. And marathon meetings will be a breeze because the Wireless Headset System can run on one charge for up to six hours of talk time.

Additionally, the Wireless Headset System has enhanced, noise-canceling technology that will make your conversations clearer and more efficient. This is made possible by the System’s 2.4G Hz wireless headset protocol. You can view the video below for more details on installment and control adjustment:

As of August 20th,  the Headset Buddy Wireless Headset System is available on Amazon.com and on the Headset Buddy website.

The release of our new product has already gotten a healthy dose of press. I-Newswire, a top technology/IT/communications website, ran a story on the Wireless Headset System’s release day. They had some nice words about our company and our new product:

“The Wireless Headset System works with most office IP telephones, making it a perfect solution for any small business, service professional, doctor’s office, sales staff and more. The lightweight over-the-head or over-the-ear design allows users to adjust the configuration to optimum comfort.

Headset Buddy products have been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, as well as regional and local radio programs, podcasts and tech blogs. All Headset Buddy products come with a one-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Headset Buddy offers a variety of products, including headset adapters for iPhone, Android, VOIP phones, home phones and gaming systems; headset trainers for call centers; headset switches to plug a headset into a standard phone; and headset packages for bulk purchases.”

Headset Buddy will continue to innovate in the areas of office and home communication technology. The complex and demanding systems that make up so much of the modern work day are only going to become more complex every year, so we know that we at Headset Buddy have to keep our game up if we’re going to get things done! The Wireless Headset System is a major step forward, and we are proud of our newest product. Continue to stay tuned for news – by connecting with Headset Buddy on Facebook and Twitter. Also, tag us in any pictures you take with your Headset Buddies, we’d love to see them in action!


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